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If you are here, you know what this is, so don't bug me about it!

  • Multiple PS2 DVD games, DVD rips and CD games on a DVD [version 1.7] - Tutorial by JRLS

  • Convert HDLoader CD to DVD to solve the freeze problem (Messiah 2 users only) [version 1.0] - Tutorial by JRLS

  • DVD ScanLite by Sonix [version 3.5] [version 3.6] [version 3.7] - Patch PS2 games to CD, DVD-R or restore DVD rips

  • CD Loader for V7 PS2 (b51 version) - For a PS2 disc with menu for multiple games on a disc

  • CDVDGEN_ISOBuilder_by_JRLS 1.2 - Paste images created by $ony CD/DVD generator 1.5 (fixed version!)

  • DummyFileMaker by Infected Bajs - Make dummy files for either PS2 or DC. Small and fast!

  • $ONY CDVDGEN 1.5 - For making bootable PS2 DVD's.

  • Ps2Ownz recorder patch - This will enable $ONY CDVDGEN 1.5 for more burners.

    Some PS2 Links

  • PS2 HDD drive database - Check which HDDs are compatible with HD loader and your PS2.

  • PS2 HD Loader compatible modes list - Which modes need to be set using HD Loader: List of games.

    Some other Links

  • DVD Decrypter Homepage - Burn ISO files easily

  • mIRC Homepage - IRC Client

  • Daemon Tools Homepage - Virtual Drive:Emulate DVD/CD images on a virtual drive (Damn, it's good!)