Convert HD loader CD to DVD – Tutorial

>> For Messiah 2 users <<


Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes only! Do not use this tutorial to compile or backup discs that you do not legally own. I am in no way responsible should people use this tutorial for illegal activities. Respect the legal rights of the copyright owners!!!


Done by





July..August 2004





People using a Messiah 2 modchip may encounter the following problem : HD loader CD will freeze at the loading screen! Strangely enough, converting the CD to DVD fixes that problem for Messiah 2 users. This method might not work for swap magic users or other modchips, so most likely this freezing problem is modchip related. But, you might want to try it too if you’re using another modchip than the Messiah 2. It might work for you too!


(If not, you can always use the “eject-trick” discussed at the end of this document.)



From the .NFO file for the converted HD loader:


-----::: Notes :::------------------------------------------------------------------


    Having problems with the Cracked HD loader freezing at the loading screen ?

    I use a Messiah 2 modchip, and when the HD Loader CD boots, it will get stuck

    and won't go to the menu.


    This is the original "Cracked HD Loader" which has been converted to DVD.

    (It's easy, anybody can do this...!)

    All credit goes to the people who cracked the HD Loader in the first place!


    Anyway, this converted version won't freeze at the loading screen anymore!

    At least, not in my PS2...!

    Well, and if it still freezes, your HDD might not be compatible, but give this

    DVD a try!.. It might work for you too!


    Burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter to DVD-R and pop it in your PS2!

    (Get DVD decrypter at: http://www.dvddecrypter.com/)




    Region....: USA (NTSC)

    Filename..: HDL_DVD.ISO

    Date......: July 2004   


 -----::: END :::--------------------------------------------------------------------



Tested on:

- PAL PS2 (V7) with a Messiah2 PRO v1.3.

- Maxtor 120 GIG HDD, 7200 RPM 8MB, sn:6Y120P0

- Ethernet adapter


Tutorial – Convert HD loader CD to DVD



The following stuff I used for my project:

           ISOBuster for extracting files.

           Sony CDVDGEN 1.5 for creating a bootable DVD.

           A Dummy file creator. (I’ve used “Dummy creator by Infected Bajs”. Small and pretty fast)

           DVD Decrypter for burning the image.


First download the cracked HD loader. There are different versions of it (there is also a PS2OWNZ version of it for example). I just used the small 8MB version. Unpack it and if you get a .cue./bin image of about 11MB, just load it up in ISO buster. You will have the following files:



Extract all the files and the folder with the files in it, to a separate folder on your hard disc. Don’t choose a fancy folder name. CDVDGEN might be picky about spaces and long folder names. Keep it simple like “C:\HDL\”, not something like “C:\My Documents\My Disc\.

(If you already have the HD loader on CD-R, you can of course just copy the files of the CD-R to your hard disc.)


Note: if you are using another version of the HD loader, there might be more files on it, or even different files. Just extract all the files!


In either case you should have the files on your hard disc now.


Now, it’s time to make a dummy file for the DVD. You must make a dummy file of at least 1.3 GB. I used “Dummy creator by Infected Bajs”. It’s small and pretty fast!

To use it, open a DOS prompt, and “browse” to the directory where “dummy.exe” is located. Then type:


            dummy.exe DUMMY.DAT 1300000000


This will create a dummy file named “DUMMY.DAT” of about 1.3 GB.

(Please, do not ask me how to use DOS. I won’t answer. Anyone should know how to use it!)



Now, it’s time to compile the HD loader DVD!

Run CDVDGEN1.5 and choose “Create new Project” and “DVD-ROM Master Disc”:




Make sure the button “DIRECTORY” in CDVDGEN is clicked and that CDVDGEN is not maximized. With Windows Explorer (also not maximized) browse to your folder where the files of the HD loader were saved and drag and drop them into the right white pane of CDVDGEN.

Lastly you must add the dummy file of 1.3 GIG. Drag it in your compilation also.


When finished it should look like this:


Next, click the “VOLUME” button to fill in some info about this disc.



For the disc name it is said that it should match the executable that is on the disc. The HD loader I used has executable “SLUS_203.44”, so your disc name will be “SLUS” for the first textbox and “20344” for the second textbox. (Just forget about the “_” and the “.”. They can’t be entered anyway)


Fill in your Volume name if you want, which can be anything as far as I know (I didn’t fill it in) and also choose a Licence Area. (I’ve chosen “America”).


If done, you should really save this CDVDGEN project in [File] [Save as]. This will save a .ccz file.


Now, your project file is done, and it is time to write an image file.

Click the record button



and a window should pop up and ask you to save your .IML file. I saved it as “HDL_DVD.

This will save an .IML file and an .IMS file.


If you have a burner that is not compatible with CDVDGEN you might get some error message after this (I have a SONY DRU500A and I got some errors).


If you get the following error after saving:



then you are missing file “WNASPI32.DLL” in your windows system folder. It might be on your PC somewhere else. If so, just COPY it to your windows system folder (do not CUT and PASTE).

If not, download it somewhere and put it in your windows system folder. This is usually “C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM” depending on your operating system. If the file is there, then close and restart CDVDGEN and reload your .ccz project and hit the Record button again (thank god you saved your .ccz project, right?)


After this, you shouldn’t see the “ASPI Manager loading failed.” error again, but you might see the following ones, which should be ignored:


After this, this menu will pop up:



Choose [File] [Export image] in this menu and choose a filename to save. Again, I used “HDL_DVD”:



This will save an .LST file. After that, the image starts creating:


Just wait a while until it’s finished:



Click “OK” and then “QUIT”.



Since my burner is not compatible, I must make the ISO manually.

To do this, open up a DOS prompt and go to the folder where your .LST file was saved. In this folder you will find files like “HDL_DVD.000” and “HDL_DVD.001”, depending how you named it. All these files should be patched together. Do to this, type the following depending on the name of your .LST file:




This will patch all the files together to a new file called “HDL_DVD.ISO”.

Note that it can take a while for the parts to get merged. DOS will not give any progress information, and on slow computers you might want to get a cup of tea!


Note: You can also use a small tool “CDVDGEN ISOBuilder” which I made myself to build the ISO from the parts generated by CDVDGEN. It’s doing the same thing, but it’s a windows tool to make it easier (browsing to files, sorting them in the right other, etc)


Please note: For CDVDGEN ISO Builder to work, the VB runtime DLLs should be installed on your computer! Also, please read the Help file that is provided with the program!


Anyway, your ISO is finished, so open up DVD Decrypter to burn “HDL_DVD.ISO” (or use any other decent burning program) on a DVD-R or even better on a DVD-RW (if your PS2 can read them) to test it out. Pop it in your PS2 and hope for the best!


Alternative: If you are lucky and have a burner that is compatible with CDVDGEN, then after clicking the Record Button and saving your .IML file, you won’t get any error messages and you do not have to export your image, but you can click the

button straight away and your image will be burned immediately. Pop it in your PS2 and hope for the best!




Some important notes



DVD rips do not seem to install on your hard disc. Only CD games and DVD games. Most rips will fail to install, some DO install however.


If you use the HD loader on CD-R, there is a trick to get past the loading screen (this works for some PS2/modchip/HDD setups). Wait for the intro screen to load. After a few seconds you hear the HDD spin up, and a few seconds later, you hear it spin down. About a second after the spin down, hit the “eject” button (the “eject-trick”).

The tray will eject, but the HD loader will also go to the menu! Now, just close the tray again and you’re good to go!


Okay, this “eject-trick” is a pain in the ass, and converting it to DVD will fix this at least for Messiah users, hence this tutorial. J J J


Sometimes when you want to install a game, HD loader complains there is not enough HDD space left, while you can clearly see there’s plenty of space. Just accept, and try to install the game again. The next time, HD loader will install the game!


With some hard discs the HD loader won’t format the drive properly. It will just freeze while formatting the drive. If this happens, you can use “DMS HD Tools” and burn it to CD-R. While booting up, hold the shoulder buttons on the first controller (L1, L2, R1, R2) until it prompts to format your HDD. It should take about 30 seconds. (Thanks to Khafan for this!) If it doesn’t ask to format, just pop your HDD in your PC and quick format it using NTFS file system, and then pop it in your PS2 again and run DMS HD tool disc.


If this DVD still freezes at the loading screen, your HDD just might not be compatible. I saw quite some people having problems with a freezing HD loader. If this still doesn’t work for you, then… well… you’re out of luck!


If you’re not using a Messiah 2 chip, and this DVD won’t boot at all, then you’re seriously out of luck!

Get a decent boot method!


If you still get the “ASPI Manager loading failed.” After copying the file “WNASPI32.DLL” to the desired location, just try to reboot your computer. This usually works!



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