The Original HD Loader Compatibility List


This site has been taken down and the email address has been closed.


I originally started this site as I could find no others like it and the growing HD Loader community needed somewhere that they could go to without trailing through pages of forums to find if a game worked or not, specifically inspired by my own experience on the IGN forums where the HD Loader thread was growing fast and needed to be put in some sort of unified format.  Soon after going live the site was at the top of google if you searched for ‘HD Loader compatibility’, that made me feel very proud and I quickly added some basic FAQs to help people struggling with their HD Loaded, evident by the many questions I would get in email.


I specifically noted that the site was not to be copied anywhere else unless I gave prior permission, some people did ask and generally I gave permission, yet I soon received many emails pointing me to other sites that had plagiarised my work and the work of my contributors, several of whom were hostile when I asked them to remove my list from their site and it got to the point where I didn’t even bother to email people anymore as it simply was not worth it and never worked.  Worst still, many were claiming it as their own work and some even asked for Paypal donations in order to keep the site going, this angered me because I did not start the site for profit, I started it to help.  Thank you if you pointed me to any of these sites and if you corrected people on forums by letting them know where the original came from (something I saw on more than one occasion).  If you are one of the sites who used the list but asked in advance, I've nothing against you and some of the work I've seen by these people have been excellent.


Over the Christmas period 2004 I got backlogged with submission emails, a lot of emails.  Typically I would get up to a couple of hundred emails a day with submissions and I did my best to get each one up as fast as possible, but after taking a few days off over Christmas and New Years, the backlog was immense.  Even though I had offers to help, I did not want to delegate the list any of the people who offered simply because I did not know any of them.  If you did offer to help, thank you anyway.  After the massive backlog, going through the list to update it became a huge chore and so I stopped for a bit, which happened to turn in to never updating it again unfortunately.


If you contributed to the list then thank you for your contribution and I hope I managed to get your name on the credits page while the site was still up, if I missed then sorry but I did my best to make sure each and every contributor was credited.


If you came here looking for the list then apologies for it not being here, but there is a good alternative list around, I won’t specify  the address but it’s the one I use.


Hope I managed to help a lot of people, thanks for all the kind words I have received in email, if I didn’t respond then know that I did read your message, but the volume of emails I received made responding to each one was very time consuming.


Again, thanks all,


pumpkin stew