Last versions of applications for Mac OS X on PowerPC

This page lists where to get the last or more recent versions of certain applications for Mac OS X on PowerPC.

Note: several links on this page point to encrypted (HTTPS) sites, which might not be accessible from older browsers (e.g. Safari). You will have to download those programs with TenFourFox or another computer.

Last versions of discontinued software

Name Last version for Tiger Last version for Leopard
CMake 3.3.2 (same as for Tiger)
FileZilla Officially 3.0.6, unofficially 3.7.3 3.8.0
FreeMat 3.6 (note: 1.10 is the last MIT-licensed version) (same as for Tiger?)
Fuse for Mac OS X 1.0.0?
Poedit 1.5.7
Python 2.x 2.7.8 (latest)
Python 3.x 3.2.3 (note: this version is older than 2.7.8) 3.5.4
RAR 4.01 (see below for newer UnRAR) (same as for Tiger?)
Synthesia 0.8.1? (replace SynthesiaConfig with the one from 0.8.0, set the video mode, then run Synthesia) (same as for Tiger?)
ViBE 1.0b10 (latest)
VLC 0.9.10 2.0.10



Please see my Opera 12 security and privacy guide (which also applies to older versions) for the last version depending on your version of Mac OS X.


The last official version for Tiger and Leopard is

There also exist newer unofficial versions for Leopard.

Java for Tiger

A clean installation of Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Security Update 2009-005 only gives you Java 1.4.2_07, which might be too old for your needs. The last version for Tiger is 1.5.0_19. It can only be obtained by installing the following updates in order:

  1. Java 1.3.1 and 1.4.2 Release 2. This gives you 1.4.2_09.
  2. J2SE 5.0 Release 4. This gives you 1.5.0_06.
  3. Java for Mac OS X 10.4 Release 5. This gives you 1.5.0_07.
  4. Java for Mac OS X 10.4 Release 6. This gives you 1.5.0_13.
  5. Java for Mac OS X 10.4 Release 7. This gives you 1.5.0_16.
  6. Java for Mac OS X 10.4 Release 8. This update is very small and doesn't change the version, but it is still required.
  7. Java for Mac OS X 10.4 Release 9. This gives you 1.5.0_19.

Note: this is useful mostly for compiling Java applications. Because of possible security vulnerabilities, it is better to avoid Java entirely. If you really have to use Java applets on Web pages, use SandboxSafari.

Open source software compiled by me

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